A Unique Working Conference on Catholic Religious Archives

“Envisioning the Future of Catholic Religious Archives” was a working conference hosted by Boston College on July 11-13, 2018. It was designed to bring leaders of religious communities, archivists and historians together to seek and identify solutions to the issues that communities, including those coming to completion, are facing in preserving and providing access to their archival legacies.

Videorecordings of the four main sessions are now available as a YouTube Playlist on the Boston College Libraries’ YouTube channel. See the Program page for additional details.

Additional post-conference updates and resources will be posted in the coming weeks. Please visit our Contacts page to be added to our mailing list for announcements (not necessary for conference participants).

  • Cenacle American Province, end of Chapter 1932. Pictured in France at Notre Dame d'Ay, left to right, are Sisters Edna Dupre, Anna Doherty, Elizabeth Keating, Katherine McCloskey, and Margaret McCarthy (Archives of the North American Province of the Cenacle)