A Community Leader’s View

One of the responsibilities of Leadership is preserving the legacy of their congregation, especially as some congregations are growing smaller and looking at some type of closure. I know that there is a fear of losing the history and contributions of smaller less known congregations. Although these congregations are small, they hold a unique part of the history of Catholicism in the United States.  Being in leadership from one of those congregations, I am interested in meeting historians who may be interested or know others who may be interested in writing the history or exploring a particular aspect of our Charism that is unique to my congregation.  I am also hoping to be able to network with other leaders to think creatively on how we can house our archives and artifacts going forward.  Not only so the documents and manuscripts are available for research but also the story of religious life may be made accessible to everyone.  It is important to understand the circumstances and lives of these remarkable women and men who forged paths that have led to some of the most sought after education and medical treatment in the world.  Not to mention a myriad of ways a foundational grounding in one’s faith has made a significant impact on the decisions and choices one has made in their lives.  Networking and collaboration are the ways of the future and this conference is a place to start for leaders, archivists and historians.


Sr. Ginger Downey, General Secretary
Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters